Several people I know, both bloggers and not, choose a word  (or in some cases a group of words) each year that are meant to serve as a guide and a challenge throughout the next year.  For several years now I have fallen back on my favorite word, which is “Believe”.  This year, I am going with something new.


To be present in each moment.  To be the best wife I can be.  To, hopefully, be a mother for the first time.  To be a better friend.  To enjoy each moment as it comes, and ride the waves of life as calmly as possible.  To simply just BE.

What am I hoping for 2015 in my life?  A lot of things, both big and seemingly small.  I am not ‘resolving’ to do any one thing, but rather work towards things and ideals that I would like to achieve.  Some things are out of my hands, but that doesn’t mean I can’t pray about them and do everything that is within my power to make them happen.  As for the things that are totally within my control, I just need to step up and do them.  It may require some thinking outside of the box, but I have the ability to make life a little sweeter for myself and those around me.

What am I hoping for 2015 for this blog?  First and foremost that I stick with it, which has never happened before 😉 I tend to get so many great ideas and then get overwhelmed (a theme everyday of the week? Tried it.  No thank you!). To use this is a platform to discuss things affecting my life – likely both good and tough.  To blog about books, one of my biggest passions.  To do reviews of each book I read (I hope!) no matter how old the book is, instead of just focusing on new releases and Galleys like I have in the past.

So, welcome to the journey of my life – at least the bloggable parts.  2015 could be the best year yet, I plan to be present in each moment and make it so.



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