2015 Reading Goals

As this blog is going to be a lot about books, I thought I should share my 2015 reading goals.

For the last seven years, at least, I have been actively setting a goal for how many books I’d like to read.  I have also been keeping track of said books.  At first it was on a private book discussion board with some friends I made through an online journal site, and then I started using Goodreads.  Each year my goals were pretty much the same:  Read at least 52 books in a year and try my hardest to reach 100 books in a year.  In more recent years I have met and surpassed 52 books rather easily, but never reaching 100.

The last year and a half has felt like one big reading slump to me, and I was struggling to figure out why.  I would spend hours looking at BookTube videos on YouTube, searching for these titles that sounded wonderful at my library and through Amazon.  Then I would get the books home, and have little to no desire to read them.  It was frustrating.  It wasn’t until the end of 2013 that I finally think I figured out my problem.  I was pigeonholing myself into just one major genre – Young Adult.

When YA become a ‘thing’ I was really into it.  I grew up reading Fear Street, Box Car Children, Babysitters Club, Alice, and Anastasia Krupnik books.  But, nothing like today’s YA was available back then.  The stories in today’s YA are often just as fantastical and complex as things you would find in ‘regular’ adult fiction.  I loved the lighter tone of many of the books, and in all honesty, the shorter length of many of them.  What I think started to trip me up was all of the series/duologies/trilogys.  I get so into a series, for the first maybe three books… but then after that things start going in weird directions, I get confused because of the length of time between books (I am not the best at re-reading, I often get bored).

This past year I read a string of just ‘meh’ YA books which pulled me further into the slump I was already in.  When I looked back at some of what I was reading when I remember really being into reading, it was a lot of regular fiction books.  Those take me a bit longer to get through just because they are often more dense and/or longer – but I enjoyed them.  There are tons of books, a lot of classics included, that I haven’t read because of feeling like I need to meet a certain self-set goal.

So, here are my 2015 reading goals:
I have decided that my ‘goal’ will be 30 books.  If I go above that, great.  If I don’t reach it – that’s fine as well.  I just want to read and grow as a person along with what I read.
I am going back to trying to read two books at the same time – one fiction and one non fiction.
I want to tackle some classics, both long and short.
I want to finally get through A Game of Thrones, and hopefully one or two more in the series this year.
I want to read a little less YA and a lot more ‘regular’ fiction.  YA will still be read, as there are several releases I am looking forward to and series I’d like to finish, but it won’t be the main focus.
I am also going to read more graphic novels this year.  I read Saga (1-3) last year and fell in LOVE and it got me to pick up even more graphic novels.
I want to being to collect the works of the amazing Ray Bradbury.
Finally, I’d like to give a review of each book I read – no matter how old or new the book is.

I am sure I will revisit these goals as things change throughout the year, and I may even make changes here and there.  But, I am confident at this moment that these will work best for me as of now.


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