Because it’s been the better part of a year…

It has been a busy year.  A good year, overall.. but a busy year.  I have somewhere around 80 drafts of posts I have started and just never finished because my attention span is that of a goldfish most days.  Ideally, when I have a week off (starting in like ten days) I want to do a year in review.  Maybe get back into blogging like I once did.

Basically this is a place holder.  I’m alive and fairly well.  Not sure why I thought that doing my thesis in the dead of winter when seasonal depression rears it’s ugly head was the best fucking idea ever… but that will be starting in a few weeks.  Christmas in 11 days… my favorite time of year.  Trying to cram three weeks of school work into this week and be done by Sunday night so next week and the week after I can enjoy the holiday (and that break).

Planned posts… maybe? Include my year in review, a (very short) reading year in review, a coping cosmetics/skills/self care type deal, what it’s like to live with a chronic illness for me, and a backstory of my love affair with books.

So here’s hoping I’ll see y’all soon.


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