If you’ve followed me on any blog I’ve ever had, I tend to buck the idea of the New Year’s Resolution trend.  Instead, I choose a word that becomes *my* word for the year.
A few years running I used “Believe”.  It’s my favorite word and not hard to see why it’s a good word to use to help guide you.  Focusing on faith and a belief that I can do anything and that anything is possible was a good foundation.
Last year was “Authentic”.  I wanted to be more me than I ever had been.  I achieved this by studying my heart out, standing up for myself a bit more, speaking out about more about the causes I am passionate about, a few new tattoos, and some funky hair color choices – just to name a few.

This year I was struggling to choose a word.  My husband suggested “Achieve”.  The more I thought on it, the more sense it made.  In March of this year I will have my Master’s degree – a major achievement for me.  I also want to achieve other goals such as: getting closer to buying a house, adopting a healthier lifestyle, organizing every part of my house, even simple sounding things such as reading more books.

I simply want to achieve things that will, likely, make my life happier/healthier.  These things can allow my husband and I to move forward together and start new adventures.  Some of you know that we have been struggling to get pregnant for over three years, and so far no luck.  By making these changes I am hopeful that either a) God will step in where science is telling us no or b) it will open new doors and other avenues for us.

So, here’s to 2017 and achieving all I can to be better for myself and those around me.